What are Skirt Models?

Skirts are an indispensable part of women's clothing. Short, long, mini, pleated, summer, winter and many other skirt models that can be listed in many different categories can be used in all areas from classic to casual wear. The women's skirt models waiting for you at BIZE Online are as follows: Leather Skirt - Black (model code: 203-524002), which carries the indispensable charm of leather skirt models, is one of BIZE Online products with the most stylish and different lines among long skirt models. This women's skirt product, which impresses with its asymmetrical design, is enlivened with lacing detail. It can create a classic style when combined with a white shirt and a casual style when combined with a black blouse. Leather Skirt - Black (model code: 203-524502); BIZE Online women's long skirt models that combine stylish, comfortable and attractive notes together. With its elastic waist and wide cut, it is a long skirt model that will add a difference to your style with its shalwar appearance as well as allowing you to move comfortably without sweating during the day. Narrow Cut Skirt (model code: 203-5236291) is a pencil skirt model that carries the elegance arising from the combination of black and red. This BIZE Online winter skirt product, which differs from other models with the use of different textured fabrics, is a great alternative that you can use with sporty style tops. Knitwear Skirt Black, which can be considered among pleated skirt models, is a great long skirt that you can wear on special occasions as well as casual wear. In this BIZE Online design, which is animated with tiny pleats, a subtle elegance awaits you in addition to comfort and elegance.

What to Consider When Choosing a Skirt?

Whether your choice is among mini skirt models or long skirt models, there are a few things you should pay attention to when purchasing a product. Color, length and design are the points that can get better results when considered in all skirt models. Skirt Length: If your choice is a long skirt, it should be a length that suits your style. It should stay at ankle level for casual skirts and above the ankle for classic skirts. This length complements the style. When it comes to mini skirts, your leg length becomes important. If your height is 170 cm and above, a skirt length of 35-40 cm will be suitable for you, and 25-30 cm for those below. When choosing among the mini skirt models, it is therefore very critical that you look at the height information of the mannequin exhibiting the product. Fabric Type: Leather, knitwear, cotton fabric, polyester and many other types of fabric can be used for skirt models. But your style will determine the most suitable fabric for you. The fabric that will appeal to your free spirit is definitely leather. Among the leather skirt models, you can choose long or mini skirts and emphasize the originality of your style. If you prefer pleated skirts, fabric types such as chiffon that can stand as a mold will be suitable. Chiffon is the right fabric choice for pleated skirts. Design Selection: Skirt models are offered in a wide range as they are an important part of women's clothing. The point you should pay attention to when choosing among them is the upper clothing products in your wardrobe. Because whether you choose a satin skirt, a leather skirt or a chiffon skirt, the element that will complete your style will be the harmony of your upper garment with your skirt.

Which Fabric Types are Used in Skirt Models?

The range of fabrics used in women's skirts is almost as wide as in any other product category. The fabric preference, which is determined according to the style and skirt length, has become a well-established today. Polyester and cotton fabric for classic skirts, knitwear for casual skirts, leather and chiffon for elegant skirt models are frequently used fabric types.

What are the Skirt Length Options?

Skirt length varies according to the product you choose. It is possible to find both short, midi and long skirt options in classic skirt models. In pleated skirt models, midi length is generally preferred. In satin and winter skirts, long lengths can break the effect of the cold as well as looking very stylish. Among the skirt models that women often prefer to wear today; Leather skirts Denim mini skirts Long pleated skirts Long skirts with a shalwar look stand out.