What are Women's Shalwar Pants Models?

One of the most preferred women's clothing products for stylish comfort is shalwar. Thanks to the wide product range of shalwar pants or tracksuits, it is possible to find a shalwar model suitable for every style. Stylish and comfortable shalwar pants models designed by BIZE Online for you are as follows: Pocket Detailed Shalwar - Black (Model Code: 213-528202) is a BIZE Online model that you can wear with many tops thanks to its sporty look. Printed Shalwar Brown (Model Code: 213-530616) is a great alternative for those who are tired of ordinary colors. Leather Detailed Shalwar - Black (Model code: 213-533102) is among the products that offer both a trouser look and the comfort of a shalwar thanks to its high crotch. Double-breasted Cut Shalwar - Indigo (Model Code: 211-527223), with its vibrant color, is among the shalwar models that will be your favorite in spring. Printed Shalwar - Black (Model Code: 211-526002) offers a modern style as well as great comfort thanks to its abstract motifs. Embroidery Detailed Shalwar - Black (Model Code: 211-525102) impresses with its embroidery that combines the perfect harmony of black, red and white. Patterned Shalwar - Mixed (Model Code: 203-52351000) is among BIZE Online's most stylish shalwar pants. Printed Shalwar - Black (Model Code: 203-523402) is among the most popular and most preferred shalwar models. Striped Patterned Shalwar - Navy (Model Code: 20YZ-519405) has a design that offers a skirt appearance due to its very low crotch and allows it to be used with classic clothing products. Zipper Detailed Shalwar - Mixed (Model Code: 20YZ-51561000); It is a shalwar trouser model dominated by black, white and yellow tones. It is an BIZE Online product that will keep you cool especially in summer. Button Detailed Shalwar - Black (Model Code: 203-522802) has a very stylish design.

What to Wear Over Baggy Pants?

Shalwar pants can be worn with both classic and sporty tops. Depending on the model you prefer, you can also decide what to wear over your shalwar pants. The top clothing products that you can wear with baggy pants models can be listed as Crop Tracksuit top Shirt Blouse.

What Fabric Are Shalwar Pants Made of?

The production material of shalwar models may vary according to the style offered by the design. But in any case, it is possible to say that the shalwar pants you will buy from BIZE Online are made of quality fabrics. In addition to shalwar pants made of 100% cotton fabric, you may encounter different types of fabrics such as polyester blends, wool and cotton blends in your choices among BIZE Online's quality products.

How Much Are Shalwar Pants Prices?

Each shalwar model has its own unique pricing. The first determining factor in shalwar pants prices is the fabric. For this reason, size differences may cause the price range to change. On the other hand, details such as printing and embroidery used in shalwar models both categorize the style of the shalwar and become an effective factor in determining its price. Whichever product you choose, you should remember that when you shop at BIZE Online, you are buying quality products that you can keep in your wardrobe for many years. You can follow BIZE Online's social media accounts to be informed about end-of-season discounts as well as special campaigns for members.
What are the Most Trendy Colors in Women's Shalwar Pants?
Black, red, yellow and brown are the most preferred colors in shalwar models. However, the determining factor in the colors of baggy pants is the style you choose. If you are looking for a classic look; you can choose shalwar models that combine black, red and white colors. If you prefer a sporty style, a much wider range of tones from yellow to brown awaits you.